CLARIN Knowledge Centre for The Languages of Sweden

Consortium SWE-CLARIN
Type(s) K
Type status Certified
Description Information service offering advice on the use of digital language resources and tools for the Swedish language, minority languages in Sweden, Swedish sign language, Swedish dialects et al.
CoreTrustSeal/DSA none
Strict versioning?

Organisational information

Organisation name Språkrådet (The Language Council of Sweden)
Institution Institute of Language and Folklore in Stockholm, Uppsala and Göteborg
Working unit Språkrådet (The Language Council of Sweden)
Shorthand SWELANG
Postal address Box 20057
SE-104 60
Expertise language technology, corpus linguistics and language counseling


Administrative contact SWE-CLARIN_sprakochfolkminnen
Technical contact SWE-CLARIN_sprakochfolkminnen