Centre Shorthand Type Type status Assessment dates City Consortium CoreTrustSeal/DSA
Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage - A Resource Centre for the HumanitiEs ACDH-ARCHE B
Certified Vienna CLARIAH-AT (AT) seal
CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Atypical Communication Expertise ACE K
Certified 2019-06-19 valid till 2022-06-18 for [K]
Nijmegen CLARIAH (NL) none
ASV Leipzig ASV B
Certified 2019-02-19 valid till 2022-02-19 for [B]
Leipzig CLARIN-D (DE) seal
Bayerisches Archiv für Sprachsignale BAS B
Certified München CLARIN-D (DE) seal
Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities BBAW B
Certified 2018-10-25 valid till 2021-10-25 for [B]
Berlin CLARIN-D (DE) seal
Centre for the Digital Foundation of Research in the Humanities, Social, and Educational Sciences CEDIFOR C
Aiming for B Frankfurt, Germany CLARIN-D (DE) none
Center of Estonian Language Resources CELR-EKK B
Certified 2018-11-02 valid till 2021-11-02 for [B]
Tartu CELR (EE) seal
CLARIN Knowledge Centre for linguistic diversity and language documentation CKLD K
Certified (K) Cologne none none
The CLARIN Centre at the University of Copenhagen CLARIN-DK-UCPH B
Certified 2019-07-27 valid till 2022-07-27 for [B]
Copenhagen S CLARIN-DK (DK) seal
Aiming for B Reykjavík CLARIN-IS (IS) none
Aiming for B Kaunas CLARIN-LT (LT) none
CLARIN Centre of Latvian language resources and tools CLARIN-LV C
none Riga CLARIN-LV (LV) none
CLARIN-PL Language Technology Centre CLARIN-PL1 B
Certified Wrocław CLARIN-PL (PL) seal
CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Swedish in a Multilingual Setting (SMS) CLARIN-SMS K
Certified 2019-01-16 valid till 2022-01-15 for [K]
Stockholm SWE-CLARIN (SE) none
CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Speech Analysis CLARIN-SPEECH K
Certified 2015-12-12 valid till 2018-12-11 for [K]
Stockholm SWE-CLARIN (SE) none
CLARINO Bergen Center CLARINO Bergen B
B, K (certified) Bergen CLARINO (NO) seal
CLARIN.SI Language Technology Centre CLARINSI B
Certified Ljubljana CLARIN.SI (SI) seal
CLARIN Knowledge Centre for South Slavic Languages CLASSLA K
Certified 2019-03-19 valid till 2022-03-18 for [K]
Ljubljana CLARIN.SI (SI) none
Centre for Language and Speech Technology CLST C
none Nijmegen CLARIAH (NL) none
CMU-TalkBank CMU B
Certified Pittsburgh none seal
Czech National Corpus CNC K
none 2018-12-04 valid till 2021-12-04 for [K]
Collections de corpus oraux numeriques COCOON C
none Paris Huma-Num (FR) none
CORLI French CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Corpora, Languages and Interaction CORLI-K K
Certified Paris Huma-Num (FR) none
Data Archiving and Networked Services DANS C
Aiming for B. Den Haag CLARIAH (NL) seal
none Göttingen none none
Clarin Knowledge Centre on Diachronic Language Resources DiaRes K
Certified 2019-01-16 valid till 2022-01-15 for [K]
Uppsala SWE-CLARIN (SE) none
Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen EKUT B
Certified 2019-03-27 valid till 2022-03-27 for [B]
Tübingen CLARIN-D (DE) seal
Eurac Research CLARIN Centre ERCC C
Aiming for B Bolzano / Bozen CLARIN-IT (IT) none
The Language Bank of Finland FIN-CLARIN B
Certified Helsinki FIN-CLARIN (FI) seal
Forschungzentrum Jülich FZJ E
none Jülich CLARIN-D (DE) none
Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research GEI C
none Braunschweig none none
Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung Göttingen GWDG E
none Göttingen CLARIN-D (DE) none
Hamburger Zentrum für Sprachkorpora HZSK B
Certified 2019-02-13 valid till 2022-02-13 for [B]
Hamburg CLARIN-D (DE) seal
Huygens ING Huygens C
none Den Haag CLARIAH (NL) seal
Leibniz-Institut für Deutsche Sprache IDS B
Certified 2019-03-18 valid till 2022-03-18 for [B]
Mannheim CLARIN-D (DE) seal
The ILC4CLARIN Centre at the Institute for Computational Linguistics ILC4CLARIN B
Certified Pisa CLARIN-IT (IT) seal
IMPACT Centre of Competence IMPACT-CKC K
Certified 2018-12-04 valid till 2021-12-04 for [K]
Madrid none none
Institut für Maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung IMS B
Certified 2018-12-04 valid till 2021-12-04 for [B]
Stuttgart CLARIN-D (DE) seal
Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal IVDNT B
Certified Leiden CLARIAH (NL) seal
CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Belarusian text and speech processing K-BLP C
Certified K 2020-02-10 valid till 2023-02-09 for [K]
Minsk none none
Language Archive Cologne LAC C
Aiming for B Cologne CLARIN-D (DE) none
Certified 2019-07-27 valid till 2022-07-27 for [B]
Meertens Instituut/HuC MI B
Certified Amsterdam CLARIAH (NL) seal
Mediterranean Research Centre for the Humanities' Phonothèque MMSH's Phonothèque C
none Aix-en-Provence Huma-Num (FR) none
Max Planck Computing and Data Facility MPCDF E
none Garching CLARIN-D (DE) none
MPI for Psycholinguistics MPI-PL B
Certified 2019-01-18 valid till 2022-01-18 for [B]
Nijmegen CLARIAH (NL) seal
National Library of Norway NB.NO C
Aiming for A+B Oslo CLARINO (NO) none
NLP:EL - CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Natural Language Processing in Greece NLP:EL K
Certified 2020-04-21 valid till 2023-04-20 for [K]
Maroussi CLARIN-EL (GR) none
CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Data Management at NSD NSD K
Certified 2018-12-04 valid till 2021-12-04 for [K]
Bergen none none
Oxford Text Archive OTA C
Aiming for B. Oxford CLARIN-UK (UK) none
PORTULAN CLARIN K-Centre: CLARIN Knowledge Centre for the Science and Technology of the Portuguese Language PORTULAN CLARIN K-Centre K
Certified 2019-06-19 valid till 2022-06-18 for [K]
PORTULAN CLARIN Research Infrastructure for the Science and Technology of Language PORTULAN-CLARIN B
Certified 2019-12-18 valid till 2022-12-17 for [B]
Phonogrammarchiv Institute for audiovisual Research and Documentation Phonogrammarchiv K
Certified Vienna CLARIAH-AT (AT) none
PolMine Project PolMine C
none Duisburg none none
South African Centre for Digital Language Resources SADiLaR C
Aiming for B Potchefstroom SADiLaR (ZA) none
CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Systems and Frameworks for Morphologically Rich Languages SAFMORIL K
Certified 2019-06-19 valid till 2022-06-18 for [K]
Helsinki FIN-CLARIN (FI) none
Speech & Language Data Repository SLDR C
none Aix-en-Provence Huma-Num (FR) none
CLARIN Knowledge Centre for The Languages of Sweden SWELANG K
Certified 2016-05-27 valid till 2019-05-26 for [K]
Stockholm SWE-CLARIN (SE) none
Spanish CLARIN K-Centre Spanish K-Centre K
Certified (K) Barcelona none none
Språkbanken, The Swedish language bank Sprakbanken B
Certified Göteborg SWE-CLARIN (SE) seal
TextGrid Repository TGrep C
none Göttingen none seal
The Tromsø Repository of Language and Linguistics TROLLing C
none Tromsø CLARINO (NO) seal
CLARIN Knowledge Center for Terminology Resources and Translation Corpora (TRTC) TRTC K
Certified 2019-01-16 valid till 2022-01-15 for [K]
Vienna CLARIAH-AT (AT) none
CLARINO Text Laboratory Centre TextLab C
none Oslo CLARINO (NO) none
none Barcelona none none
Universität des Saarlandes UdS B
Certified 2019-02-15 valid till 2022-02-15 for [B]
Saarbrücken CLARIN-D (DE) seal
ZIM Centre for Information Modelling ZIM B
Certified 2020-05-26 valid till 2022-04-18 for [B]
Graz CLARIAH-AT (AT) seal
Lund University Humanities Lab lundlab C
Certified Lund SWE-CLARIN (SE) none