CLARIN Switzerland (LaRS)

Consortium CLARIN-CH
Type(s) C
Type status aiming for B
Description The CLARIN-CH consists of the Linguistic Research Infrastructure, which is the technical data/service centre and LaRS/SWISSUbase repository. The goal is to assemble Swiss data/services in a single FAIR compliant repository for Swiss and CLARIN community.
CoreTrustSeal none
PID status DOI
Repository system self-developed
Strict versioning?

Organisational information

Organisation name Language Repository of Switzerland
Institution University Library Zurich
Working unit University Library Zurich
Shorthand CLARIN-CH-LaRS
Postal address Universitätsbibliothek, Strickhofstrasse 35, 37, 39, 41


Administrative contact Stefanie Strebel
Technical contact Stefan Buerli
Monitoring contacts Stefan Buerli