CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Computer-Mediated Communication and Social Media Corpora

Consortium CLARIN-IT
Type(s) K
Type status Certified
Description CKCMC offers expertise on language resources and technologies for CMC. Basic activities are 1) information about available resources, technologies, and activities; 2) support for producing, modifying, or publishing resources; 3) training activities
CoreTrustSeal/DSA none
Strict versioning?

Organisational information

Organisation name Eurac Research
Institution Eurac Research
Working unit Institute for Applied Linguistics
Shorthand CKCMC
Postal address Viale Druso 1
Bolzano / Bozen
Expertise Data management, legal issues, ethical issues, and standards of CMC corpora


Administrative contact Egon W. Stemle
+39 0471 055 129
Technical contact Egon W. Stemle
+39 0471 055 129
Monitoring contacts Egon W. Stemle
+39 0471 055 129